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Voip Recording

Active & Passive

There are two types of call recording for VoIP calls: Passive and Active Recording.

Passive VoIP Recording
Passive VoIP Recording is achieved by connecting the call recorder to the Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) port, which allows RECITE to monitor all network traffic and target only the VoIP traffic to record by either Mac Address or by IP Address.

Through the SPAN port, the recorder will “sniff” for signaling and Real Time Protocol (RTP ) packets that have the identifying information contained in the headers of the packets that are targeted to be recorded.

Depending on the capture location of the RTP packets, the RECITE recorder can record either all internal and external calls, not including internal peer-to-peer call scenarios, or all calls including internal peer-to-peer calls.

Passive and Active Recording.

Active VoIP Recording is achieved through a switch-level integration in which RECITE becomes an “active” participant within the call.

The interaction of the recorder to the PBX provides greater flexibility and functionality.

Generally, it is not required to do port spanning as PBXs will provide methods in which to fork media to the RECITE recorder.

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